Property Renovations Benissa

Property Renovations Benissa

property Renovations Benissa

We recently worked in the town of Benissa on a renovation project the details of this project are below. We can undertake all property renovations in Benissa.

During the last twenty years we have completed a number of renovation projects in Benissa we worked on renovating the main garage to the house into a liveable apartment. The renovation consisted of removing all the old furniture and then the first job was to tile the floor of the living area of the existing garage  with porcelain tiles and boarder tiles throughout.

Build three separation walls on in the new bathroom and rendered smooth ready for painting.

Completely paint the apartment throughout in mate white quality plastic washable paint

Refit New Bathroom.- Install a complete new bathroom with Installation of sanitary items Dama – N toilet. Shower tray , Shower glass panel and Shower overhead tap

To install a large round sink with a rounded sink tap and round mirror

Plumbing– To create a new water system on 15 mm copper for the hot and cold water to supply to the washing machine, toilet, sink, shower, kitchen sink and to do the Installation of a 100L water boiler for the hot water. To install a new drainage system one for the toilet, the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower.

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To install a complete LG twin hot and cold air conditioning system 12unit configuration x 2 for the main living area, bedroom, lounge and office to the apartment.


Apartment Electrics, Once the three-phase cable is connected to the apartment we then start with the surface mounted electrical installation for the apartment..

All PVC Windows To remove the three exciting windows and reduce two and build up the wall 40 cm so supply and install three new windows (1 m x 1.4 m) x 2 + (1.4 m x 1.4 m) x 1. Also to install a large  sliding door security system with top fixed piece.

To install a new automatic aluminium downward sliding garage blinds for the replacement of the old wooden open for the in front entrance of the house.

The work took two months to complete on schedule.