Property Reforms in Benidorm

Property Renovations Benidorm


Property Renovations in Benidorm

Property Reforms in Benidorm. During the last twenty years we have completed a number of renovation projects in these areas. Using all our suppliers and contacts for plumbing, carpenters, builders, electricians, plasters, painters. We have installed and fitted many complete kitchens ,bathrooms in many homes. We have buit small extensions installed many wooden,PVC and aluminium windows and doors. Built wardrobs, internal doors,tiled floors plaster / painted interior and exterior walls. Also completed full and parcial installations for electrics (with upgrades where required) and water piping with drainage to change old and creat new installations. Recently we worked on an apartment renovation in Benidorm in the north Costa Blanca.


A general reform- to improve the look of the apartment from new floors, flat walls and ceilings throughout. To re tile the floor of the apartment including the new bathrooms and small bed room. Too completely install the new designed kitchen.
Walls in the hall part of the wardrobe of the hall, the guest bathroom wall where the water heater and the aluminium sliding door and the outer wall and the wood surround of the existing wardrobe of the lounge. A complete kitchen also to be removed ready for the new reform. Two containers required for the rubbish.


Re-tile Floor and wall. Throughout the whole apartment to re-tile the floor in 40cm x 40cm or greater ceramic tiles 90M/2 approx. also to retile the bathroom toilet and the kitchen 45 M/2 (tile on tile with super flex weber tile cement).with cuts.
New Plumbing Removing the floor to create a channel to lay new hot and cold water pipes to the main bathroom and the kitchen 25 M/ lineal for each line, all in copper piping and the drainage in PVC


New Bathrooms To install a new bathroom to the bedroom of the apartment measurements to the design. The bathrooms will have a slab resign shower tray with two sliding shower doors with a telephone bar shower and tap. To install a standard compact toilet and sink/tap with mirror. The hot and cold water pipe will have to be reinstalled to the new hot water electric tank (80L). The walls of the bathrooms will require tiling.
Walls and ceilings. Too completely render smooth and paint the walls and ceilings of the apartment. First render smooth in fine hard plaster so creating an excellent finish. Once completed the same area to be painted in interior plastic mate merengue (Pl002) coloured paint.Total150m/2 Approx.




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