New Fitted Wardrobes in Polop

Fitted Wardrobes in Polop


New Fitted Wardrobes in Polop


New Fitted Wardrobes in Polop. During the last twenty years we have completed a number of renovation projects in these areas. Using all our suppliers and contacts for plumbing, carpenters, builders, electricians, plasters, painters. We have installed and fitted many complete kitchens ,bathrooms in many homes. We have built small extensions installed many wooden,PVC and aluminium windows and doors. Built wardrobes, internal doors,tiled floors plaster / painted interior and exterior walls. Also completed full and partial installations for electrics (with upgrades where required) and water piping with drainage to change old and create new installations. Recently we worked on refitting of interior doors and full bespoke wardrobes with sliding door as part of the renovation the house in Polop de la Marina in the north Costa Blanca.


First fix- First we have to remove the old five interior doors and frames from the house with the old existing frames and door of the three wardrobes. The main bedroom wardrobe wall either side will be modified to make it wider so enabling the new wardrobe to have sliding doors. We are to install five new door frames for the interior door. All the old material will be removed and left clean.


Second Fix- We now install three 72.5 standard interior doors two right one left opening for the three bedrooms and then two bathrooms 62.5 cm standard interior doors with frosted glass panels in the centre of the door. Door colour is light/white Oak.
The wardrobes in two bedrooms to have normal opening doors (80 + 140 cm) x 2.5 m and the large one to have sliding doors 180 cm x 2.5 m handles and aluminium sliders in grey.


All the wardrobes to be lined inside with one main shelf to hold the hanger bar and storage area above. The main wardrobe will have two extra shelves for holding of cloths.



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