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New Air con units in Alfaz del Pi


We recently undertook a project in the town of Alfaz del Pi in the north Costa Blanca

During the last twenty years we have completed a number of renovation projects in these areas. Using all our suppliers and contacts for plumbing, carpenters, builders, electricians, plasters, painters. We have installed and fitted many complete kitchens ,bathrooms in many homes. We have buit small extensions installed many wooden,PVC and aluminium windows and doors. Built wardrobs, internal doors,tiled floors plaster / painted interior and exterior walls. Also completed full and parcial installations for electrics (with upgrades where required) and water piping with drainage to change old and creat new installations. Recently we worked on a part of the renovation on the house in Alfaz del Pi/Albir in the north Costa Blanca.


Air-conditioning units split twin systems X 2

To install a complete LG combination hot and cold one 3500 motor with two split outlet system for the apartment with the pre installation along wall with drainage pump and pip to each inside unit to the drainage in the washroom. Inside units for office and each bedroom X2 are PM 07 total of three and the lounge us a PM12 units for hot and cold air systems. The outside units are SP18 systems of power reaching to 3000 kW max each unit.

Electrics upgrade-To install a new electrical line for the new air conditioning units 4mm cable X 3 for 12m connected to the new 20amp fuse in the registry box. Cable is in conduit exterior fixing from the box along the wall below ceiling in the office to the units X2 outside. Upgrade with bulletin electrical certificate to 8kw supply.


BATHROOM– To remove the existing bathroom toilet, bide, bath and sink. Then reinstall the existing toilet and bide. To install new sink/vanity unit with mirror and light to work with the existing drainage and water outlet. The bath tap extended into the existing water outlet (copper to iron) to a new position to the right of the newly installed fiber bath 170cm x 70cm also with a solid security glass partition150cm x 85cm movable. Water drainage and electrics modified accordingly to the new design.


SECURITY DOOR-To install a reinforced triple locking security door with three interlocking hinges and 3mm metal either side of the door. The door will match the front of the other doors to go with the community requests and the inside will match with the interior doors.



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