Bathroom Refurbishment in Calpe

Dragon reforms work in the town of Calpe we carry out Home Refurbishments in Calpe. During
the last twenty years, we have completed a number of renovation projects in these areas. Using
all our suppliers and contacts for plumbing, carpenters, builders, electricians, plasters, painters
and tilling. We have installed and fitted many complete kitchens, bathrooms in many homes in
In one of the front line three bedroom apartments, we completed a number of renovating
We completely tiled the floor of the living area of the apartment 110M/2 with tiles of (45cm x 45cm tiles)
and boarder tiles throughout accept the bathroom 85m/l + grouting. Consisting of the halls lounge kitchen
three bedrooms and the terraces. Also modified the existing eight interior doors to compensate for
the new levels.
The main and guest bathrooms were completely removed and new water system (copper) relined
to the new designs for the new showers and vanity units. With this bathroom refit, consisting of
re-tiling the walls and floors 28M/2, new suspended vanity unit, sink, tap and mirror/light. The
baths were removed in each bathroom and in their place a new shower tray with transparent
shower sliding doors fitted. Also incorporated with the shower was a double overhead and
telephone inox shower system. Also within the installation were standard Gap compact toilets
and bides fitted and as an curtesy we fitted the wall towel heaters and ceiling spot lights in each
From the before and after photos you can clearly see the difference and quality of the renovated
apartment with their newly fitted bathrooms.



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